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Sunday, 2006-11-19

Austin MLS Area boundries are changing

Via Austin Blog at 19:50.

So, the Austin MLS area boundaries will be changing sometime early next year. This is a summary of the major changes in the central areas... old mls map: new mls map: * MLS Area 4 - The area south of...

Monday, 2006-10-09

Austin is the most relaxed/impatient city in the US?

Via Austin Blog at 23:08.

Some other Austin Bloggers have been writing about this. Apparently, we have been named the most impatient city in the US. Now anyone who has lived in Austin, and well almost anywhere else, knows this is pretty crazy. The evidence...

Sunday, 2006-10-01

buying tickets to the red river shootout

Via another pointless dotcom at 17:57.

Last year I queried HornFans and craigslist for ticket buying advice for the annual Red River Shootout. I hadn't missed the Texas/Oklahoma game the previous four outings (since freshman year 2001) and wasn't going to last year either.

Saturday, 2006-08-12

That Tiny Blue Box for Recycling

Via Austin Blog at 16:48.

Austin seems to be a city that values things green such as the trees and big blue-green balls like the earth. So why is Austin recycling behind the times? First, the bins are kinda tiny. It is fine for maybe...

Saturday, 2006-07-15

Austin Real Estate prices by subdivision for the first half of 2006.

Via Austin Blog at 16:16.

So I just finished updating the prices for different Austin subdivisions. I mostly looked at central Austin neighborhoods like Hyde Park, Bouldin, Barton Hills and Crestview. If anyone is interested in other subdivisions feel free to send me an email....

Wednesday, 2006-06-21

May Stats for the Austin Real Estate Market are out.

Via Austin Blog at 18:48.

While the rest of the country seems to be slowing down Austin continues to have a strong market. I could give an answer as to why with lots of charts and graphs. Cause I like charts and graphs especially pie...

Thursday, 2006-05-18

April statistics for the Austin Real Estate market

Via Austin Blog at 21:19.

The April stats are out for the Austin Real Estate Market. Nothing is too surprising. The market is more heated which is typical for the summer. The number of houses on the market and the number of houses selling per...

Saturday, 2006-05-06

Austin Tax Appraisals Go Up

Via Austin Blog at 00:29.

So the tax appraisals are out. And a lot of people are seeing increases of 15 to 20 percent. So you can take some kind of weird comfort in the fact that you are not alone. If for some reason...

Sunday, 2006-04-02

Gary Bradley's old castle is vacant

Via Austin Blog at 05:18.

So apparently Gary Bradley's old castle is vacant. It sits above lamar over by book people. Gary Bradley has a pretty bad reputation in Austin for basically losing a bunch of taxpayer money. But his castle is pretty cool. I...

Saturday, 2006-02-11

Moratorium passed on McMansions

Via Austin Blog at 03:16.

The Austin City Council passed a moratorium on the building of McMansions. This was in response to complaints by different Austin Neighborhoods.

Monday, 2006-01-30

Help with Campus Safety!

Via Burnt Orange Report at 20:45.

Everyone, if you are a former UT student, live in Austin, or care about safety in a densely populated student area....please look at this link. Here is the text of the petition that you will be signing via online: I...

Thursday, 2006-01-26

whereas a senate resolution Jonathan Horak...

Via another pointless dotcom at 12:00.

Whereas the Longhorns won the BCS national championship game, defeating the University of Southern California by a score of 41-38 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California on January 4, 2006; and especially Whereas Jonathan Horak shockingly agrees with Texas Senators...

Sunday, 2006-01-22

Student Government Campaign Winds Up & Down

Via Burnt Orange Report at 22:43.

For all you not interested in UT-Austin Student Government campaigns, be forewarned that this is one of those entries again. But because of some of the developments of the last week, you probably won't have to endure too many of...

Thursday, 2006-01-12

What is up with the Austin Real Estate Market

Via Austin Blog at 23:58.

To start off with I dont know. The November stats are out. There are only 7173 properties on the market. There are less properties on the market than their have been in the last two years. While part of this...

Thursday, 2005-12-15

Austin Trail of Lights

Via Austin Blog at 10:02.

The Trail of Lights grand gala is starting this Sunday, December 11th and there's even a little opening parade: If you have not been, it is a pretty enjoyable event. I don't even have kids but watching the...

Wednesday, 2005-12-07

UT Shutting Down as of 2 PM

Via Burnt Orange Report at 13:42.

Texan: The University will be closed due to weather concerns from 2 p.m. Wednesday until 10 a.m. Thursday. I'm sure the University Wide e-mail will be out shortly. Students may want to contact professors if you had tests or projects...

Tuesday, 2005-11-29

UDems Elections Wednesday

Via Burnt Orange Report at 00:21.

University Democrats elections are this Wednesday starting at 8pm in Garrison 1. Currently nominated for positions are the following. President: Brandon Chicotsky Nick Chu Ali Puente VP: Katie Naranjo David Black Sheel Bedi PR Director: Sukanya Misra Ramon Telles Secretary:...

Monday, 2005-11-14

University Democrats Scholarship Reception

Via Burnt Orange Report at 15:37.

Important: University Democrats will be hosting a fundraiser on Nov. 21st to raise money for their new scholarship and internship program. This is a great way to support the students who support Travis County constantly with volunteering for campaigns and...

Friday, 2005-11-04

Dean Powers Named Finalist for UT President

Via Burnt Orange Report at 19:07.

Bill Powers, dean of the School of Law, has been named the only finalist for UT president by UT System Chancellor Mark Yudof, the Texan is reporting. The regents will vote on the nominee in the next three weeks. Powers...

Monday, 2005-10-24

Reminder: John Edwards to Speak on Campus

Via Burnt Orange Report at 11:11.

Just a reminder that John Edwards will be speaking today on campus about what students can do to help fight poverty. The talk begins at 2:00pm in the Texas Union Ballroom, but the doors are at 1:30pm, so get there...

Sunday, 2005-10-23

All Nighter Against Inequality

Via Burnt Orange Report at 23:41.

And so it begins, the Campus Alliance Against Inequality overnight fest here on the West Mall as we prepare to storm the voting machine inside the Flawn Academic Center (UGL) at 7 am. I must say that it feels like...

All Nighter Against Inequality

Via Burnt Orange Report at 21:54.

And so it begins, the Campus Alliance Against Inequality overnight fest here on the West Mall as we prepare to storm the voting machine inside the Flawn Academic Center (UGL) at 7 am. I must say that it feels like...

Join Us Overnight at UT

Via Burnt Orange Report at 14:45.

Our Campus Alliance Against Inequality is throwing an overnight shindig in front of the UGL (Flawn Academic Center) tonight starting at 8 pm and running until tomorrow morning when the polls open to start casting votes in the Constitutional Amendment...

Friday, 2005-10-21

John Edwards at UT Monday Oct. 24th!!!!!

Via Burnt Orange Report at 00:38.

Sen. John Edwards will speak to UT this Monday, October 24th, at 2:00pm in the Texas Union Ballroom. Doors open at 1:30pm. Edwards will discuss what Texas students can do to fight poverty. ***DO YOUR PART TO FIGHT POVERTY IN...

Sunday, 2005-10-16

Burnt Orange Report from the 4th Floor

Via Burnt Orange Report at 17:29.

It's that time of year again. The time when no one else except those most closely involved in UT's Student Government start having their private thoughts about running for student body president (or vice president) come out into the open....

YCT-UT Amendment Positions

Via Burnt Orange Report at 13:09.

The Young Conservatives of Texas at Austin have released their positions on the Constitutional Amendments. A short chart of how these compare to UDems is listed above, the reasons for their endorsements are in the extended entry. I disagree with...

Tuesday, 2005-10-11

UT Pride Week Kicks Off

Via Burnt Orange Report at 01:10.

UT's annual PRIDE Week kicked off today and News 8 Austin actually had a really great report and video on it. You can watch it here. We'll also be out continuing to register voters tomorrow on campus because it is...

Saturday, 2005-10-08

Help us Register UT

Via Burnt Orange Report at 23:17.

When: Oct. 9, Sunday, 7 pm Meet at: South Steps of the UT Tower (by the flags) What: As part of the Campus Alliance Against Inequality's last push to register students at UT we’re doing something that has NEVER been...

Saturday, 2005-10-01

Patio Party

Via Burnt Orange Report at 01:55.

Here on the UT Austin campus, we realized that as much as we wanted to have a House Party most of us lived in dorm, apartments, or cooperatives. So we scrapped the house and got ourselves a Patio and had...

Friday, 2005-09-30

Kinky People on Campus

Via Burnt Orange Report at 19:55.

You'd think with this being the Univ of Texas, that would go without saying, but I'm talking about Kinky Friedman and his rally on campus this week. I didn't attend 'cause I have better things to do really. My...

Thursday, 2005-09-29

Kinky on Campus

Via Burnt Orange Report at 14:16.

I didn't have a chance to attend because of class, but I hear and read that the Kinky Spirit walk on campus yesterday was as fun and well attended as as say a food fight at the Goodall Wooten. In...

Tuesday, 2005-09-27

Kinky on Campus

Via Burnt Orange Report at 14:49.

After Bell visited campus last Wednesday, Kinky will join us tomorrow with a reprise of his "Spirit Walk". Details are as follows, though if you are a student, you should have seen the extensive flyering opperation today, those signs are...

Saturday, 2005-09-10

Texas Wins 25-22 Over "The" Ohio State University

Via Burnt Orange Report at 23:36.

It was a nail-biter, but the boys in burnt orange pulled through for us. Vince Young still has a nasty habit of just throwing the ball up for grabs. The story tonight was the defense. They kept us in...

Thursday, 2005-09-08

UDems in the News

Via Burnt Orange Report at 23:39.

UDems President Alex Hunt was quoted extensively in today's Daily Texan article about the fundraising efforts for Katrina Victim. A gathering of the University Democrats and College Republicans would typically involve debate and politics, but all week the two have...

Wednesday, 2005-08-31

UT to Admit Hurricane Students

Via Burnt Orange Report at 22:09.

The following is a statement from Sheldon Ekland-Olson, Executive Vice President and Provost of UT, which contains condensed points from President Faulkner about who and how UT will admit students in Katrina affected areas to UT. Faulkner's letter is in...

UT Republicans and Democrats Work Together for Hurricane Relief

Via Burnt Orange Report at 13:37.

Members from the University Democrats and the College Republicans met today to work on a bi-partisan effort to raise money for hurricane victims in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. All monetary and food/toiletry donations collected will be given directly to the...

Monday, 2005-08-22

UDems to Travel to Crawford

Via Burnt Orange Report at 18:41.

Fresh off summer vacation, UT's most outstanding young politicos are planning a trip to the Texas Whitehouse to support Cindy Sheehan and other military families. The trip is scheduled for Monday August 28. UDems will meet at 9:30am in front...

A&M, UT ranked among top thirty schools by Washington Monthly

Via Burnt Orange Report at 17:44.

Yes, the US News and World Report once again overlooks Texas's public universities, but Washington Monthly says Texas A&M (No. 7) and UT-Austin (No. 23) are good for America. (Psst... and if the Legislature doesn't cough up more money, the...

Saturday, 2005-08-13

Donate to UDems

Via Burnt Orange Report at 23:07.

Did you know you can now donate to the University Democrats at Austin chapter online? As one of my last acts before heading off for vacation (meaning home) I added a quick donate page to the UDems site (which is...

Friday, 2005-08-12

Live Blogging The Chris Bell for Governor Launch

Via Burnt Orange Report at 09:06.

The Chris Bell campaign trail is starting on Sunday on the 40 Acres. My self along with Greg, the Eye On Williamson County and Eddie from The Red State will all be live blogging the event. If there are any...

Friday, 2005-07-29

Join The Alliance!!

Via Burnt Orange Report at 08:49.

The Campus Alliance Against Inequality was formed last night during an organizational meeting. We are seeking out like-minded campus groups to join our alliance. University Democrats and Stand Out are the only two members of the alliance, but we encourage...

Wednesday, 2005-07-27

BORer Podcasts with Cate Edwards

Via Burnt Orange Report at 02:33.

While in DC I was invited to participate in a podcast with VP nominee John Edwards' daughter Cate. I have to say this was one of the highlights of the trip. I've had a secret crush (secret no more) on...

Tuesday, 2005-07-26

UDems Rock CDA

Via Burnt Orange Report at 23:19.

Let me start by saying, I had an amazing trip to our nation's capitol this past weekend. As I posted a week ago, I went to DC to attend the College Democrats of America National Convention. It was the first...

Monday, 2005-07-25

Big News for UDems Coming

Via Burnt Orange Report at 01:45.

Marcus is on his way back from the College Democrats of America National Convention and will be getting his notes in order to tell us all about the goings ons there and I'm sure all the people he met. That...

Tuesday, 2005-07-12

Looking for UDems Articles

Via Burnt Orange Report at 18:50.

I am putting together UDems' application for national college democrat chapter of the year. It's very exciting really. I am putting out a call to anyone who might have weblinks to stories about UDems from the past year. If you...

Friday, 2005-06-24

Eminently Important

Via Burnt Orange Report at 01:39.

First off, check out the story in yesterday's Daily Texan about the continuing efforts of the owners of Player's Restaurant to keep the University of Texas from using it's eminent domain powers to seize the land to make way for...

Thursday, 2005-05-05

Ajai Raj on his Arrest

Via Burnt Orange Report at 14:08.

After an email exchange with Ajai Raj I received an official statement regarding his arrest. You can read it in the extended entry. Regarding the post on Urban Grounds, Raj writes: "the quote they use from that Party Campus article...

Filibuster Frist on your campus

Via Burnt Orange Report at 11:16.

As far as student protests go, I've been absolutely fascinated with the Princeton students protesting Sen. Bill Frist with their Filibuster Frist project. Ann Coulter can yack about how college liberals are dumb, but this is one of the most...

University Democrats on the Ann Coulter Event

Via Burnt Orange Report at 02:34.

There's another Daily Texan story on the Ann Coulter event. Here's what they write on the arrest of Ajai Raj: Ajai Raj, an English sophomore, was released from Travis County Jail around 3 a.m. Wednesday after being arrested for disorderly...

Wednesday, 2005-05-04

Ann Coulter on Hannity and Colmes

Via Burnt Orange Report at 20:14.

I've been amused that the post about the arrest made at the Ann Coulter event last night has garnered over 50 comments today (thank you, Wonkette). I had no idea that this story would get so much coverage, but it's...

Student Regent Bill Amended

Via Burnt Orange Report at 08:28.

On Monday, the House Higher Education committee amended the student regent bill, HB 1968. The bill co-authored by Reps. Eliot Naishtat (D-Austin) and Patrick Rose (D-Dripping Springs) would allow for a voting student regent on the boards of regents of...

Socialist Arrested at Coulter Speech

Via Burnt Orange Report at 07:59.

What can I say? Welcome to Austin, Ann. The Daily Texan reports: Incessant heckling and shouting culminated in an arrest Tuesday night during a speech by Ann Coulter, an extreme right-wing pundit, at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum....

Tuesday, 2005-05-03

TSP Report

Via Burnt Orange Report at 22:09.

For those of you here that care about the Daily Texan and whether it's editor remains elected or gets moved to an appointed process, here is a report from the last meeting (even though I don't understand it all, a...

For those of you Attending the Ann Coulter Event

Via Burnt Orange Report at 17:40.

I'm not particularly interested in listening to that b*tch, but for those of you attending, come armed to force her to defend some of her more outlandish statements. If anyone attending the event would like to write a guest post...

UT Los Alamos Forum

Via Burnt Orange Report at 17:10.

Wednesday, May 4th 5:30-7PM ART 1.120 Come join President Faulkner, Chancellor Yudof, Chairman Huffines and others in a question-and-answer style information session on UT and Los Alamos National Laboratory. The forum will be moderated by SG President Omar Ochoa. An...

Ann Coulter and the Socialists

Via Burnt Orange Report at 17:01.

Ann Coulter is doing her little shindig tonight on campus (you'd need a pass to get in which are out now). University Democrats has agreed not to protest because it serves us little purpose to do so. In most cases,...

Saturday, 2005-04-30

Ann Coulter to Speak at UT

Via Burnt Orange Report at 21:47.

Well, this should certainly provide some fireworks on campus. I'm not particularly pleased that my student fees are being spent to bring this lunatic to campus, but then again, I'm sure that many conservative students felt the same way about...

birds birds birds (and hair hair hair)

Via another pointless dotcom at 16:44.

Outside the Art building, after Art History yesterday, I saw a bird hanging out on a bench-set table. The little creature remained still as I approached. Considering the bird's bravery — in not budging — it was safe to assume...

Wednesday, 2005-04-27

Texan: Dems should act like Dems

Via Burnt Orange Report at 02:25.

The Daily Texan takes some shots at the state Democratic Party in today's editorial. Some of the choice lines... The only surprise is that 18 Democrats voted for the ban; 16 didn't vote at all. Less than half of the...

Monday, 2005-04-25

Texas Union not my Friend

Via Burnt Orange Report at 01:57.

I'm not happy with the Texas Union right now. University Democrats was there tonight working on making some T-shirts for our silent protest of HJR 6 (join us in the gallery Monday morning at 10 AM, look for the shirts...

Thursday, 2005-04-21

Kinky Comes to Campus

Via Burnt Orange Report at 15:35.

Kinky Friedman was on campus yesterday, yet for some reason I didn't notice. Two bits of the Daily Texan article caught my eye: Friedman said problems in education are linked to uncaring legislators who know little about education. [...] Friedman...

Wednesday, 2005-04-20

The Daily Texan Endorses

Via Burnt Orange Report at 15:32.

The Daily Texan Austin City Council Endorsements: Place 1: Lee Leffingwell Place 3: Mandy Dealey Place 4: Betty Dunkerly Smoking Ban: NO (dissenting opinion here) ACC Expansion: YES...

Tuesday, 2005-04-19

Burnt Orange Report from the Floor

Via Burnt Orange Report at 19:26.

Tuesday= Student Government reporting. I'm sorry if you find these totally local, but there is a large community of BOR readers that appreciate this commentary. I'm extended entry-ing the report so you can skip over this if not interested or...

Monday, 2005-04-18

John Lewis at UT

Via Burnt Orange Report at 21:31.

Civil Rights leader, U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) will be at UT next week. Here's the info: U.S. Rep. John Lewis, (D-Ga.) will be the featured speaker at the 19th annual Heman Sweatt Symposium on Civil Rights, which celebrates the...

Ivy League Grad Students Strike

Via Burnt Orange Report at 17:14.

I don't know how many Ivy Leaguer's read our website (my guess, very few), but I wanted to show our solidarity with striking teaching assistants and all other workers seeking to organize in a union. One line in the story...

Saturday, 2005-04-16

Liveblogging Kerry at UT

Via Burnt Orange Report at 10:06.

John Kerry is at UT today, and we have several thousand people packed into the Rec Sports center for his town hall meeting. I'm sitting next to Jim in the press section, and we'll be taking pictures and writing on...

Friday, 2005-04-15

[UT] working with US Navy on cybersecurity

Via Swanky Conservative at 09:32.

The Austin Business Journal reports that the University of Texas's Center for Information Assurance and Security is working with the US Navy on ways to improve the security of cybersecurity. Any chance they can get Firefox installed on NMCI computers?

Wednesday, 2005-03-30

Quorom Break Kills Ticket Bill

Via Burnt Orange Report at 15:25.

Since no one had put up a post describing the ignominous death of AB 18 and the final meeting of the current Student Government, I figured I would. According to the Daily Texan, the debate lasted six hours and ended...

Tuesday, 2005-03-29

Burnt Orange Report from the Floor

Via Burnt Orange Report at 19:12.

Yes folks, it's the last SG meeting for those elected last spring before the new one is seated next week. I'll be live blogging it, updates marked with ---- lines (and yes Byron, I'll "extended entry" it after it's over...

Open Letter to SG (plus e-mails)

Via Burnt Orange Report at 17:57.

I'll keep this one short, I just wanted to post the letter I sent to SG Reps today. Included is an easy to copy list of all the SG reps if you only have time for a copy and paste...

Let the Ticket System Burn

Via Burnt Orange Report at 16:56.

Tonight Student Government will be voting on a bill that would fundamentally alter the nature of SG Elections here at the University. I am very much in favor of this proposal and here is why. (I apologize for grammatical errors...

Ticket Voting and "Baby Steps" Chaney

Via Burnt Orange Report at 16:29.

The Texan has an article up today on tonight's Student Government meeting where a couple of issues will be voted on in the name of SG Election reform, the big one being the elimination of large Tickets for campaigns. I'll...

Sunday, 2005-03-27

Texan Editor

Via Burnt Orange Report at 23:20.

There has been some discussion of late here on Campus about the recent move to eliminate elections for the Daily Texan editor, one of the last college newspapers to elect it's editor. Current editor Ben Heath seems to be behind...

Thursday, 2005-03-24

Justice for All at UT

Via Burnt Orange Report at 23:38.

The anti-choice national organization, Justice for All is at UT this week. They found three UT students to charter the organization to allow for a demonstration where they put up disgusting 15-foot high pictures of aborted fetuses. The Daily Texan...

Tuesday, 2005-03-22

Burnt Orange Report from the Floor

Via Burnt Orange Report at 19:51.

Coming over the next couple of hours, after a looooong break, the Burnt Orange Report from the Floor, live here on the Student Government floor bringing you the latest happenings. Be prepared for updates! First one, Brent Chaney tells us...

Monday, 2005-03-14

Public Service Announcement

Via Burnt Orange Report at 05:28.

Those credit card company folks are trying to make money off of you you.* As Amanda at Mouse Words writes: The credit card companies want nothing more than to have the students paying off a lifetime's worth of debt by...

Wednesday, 2005-03-09

Cedric Benson picks his negotiating team

Via Swanky Conservative at 14:18.

UT's Cedric Benson has setup his negotiating team for his most-certain NFL contract. The draft is set for April 23rd and 24th. Right now, Benson is ranked number two in the draft. Is it too much to hope the Cowboy's would pick him?

Tuesday, 2005-03-08


Via Burnt Orange Report at 22:58.

Jonathan Horak, one of the guys that went to New Mexico with UT Students for John Kerry the weekend before the election, has started Bloghorns, a blog for UT related posts. It's modeled after Austin Bloggers. In order to have...

Thursday, 2005-03-03

still running

Via another pointless dotcom at 03:07.

It's nearly (if not) midsemester and I haven't stopped running to catch the bus. Considering my lack of effort/motivation at this point in semesters past, this is a welcome change — and bodes well for my academic standing post-Spring.